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                 Meet The Pastor

                             Christopher Pandolfi

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                           Statement Of Faith

1. The full and total inspiration of all Scriptures.
2. The tri-unity of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
3. The virgin birth of Jesus Christ.
4. The sinfulness of man and his need of salvation.
5. The redemptive work of Christ: His atoning blood; His death; His burial; and His   bodily ressurection.
6. The second coming of Christ: The pre-tribulation rapture of the saints and the pre-millennial return of Christ.
7. The eternal security of the believer.
8. The commission of the local church to make disciples for Christ--by evangelization, baptism, and education.
9. The responsibility of the local church to edify, comfort, and encourage those of    its own household of faith.
10. The responsibility of the local church to promote and protect the doctrinal and moral purity of the Body of Christ.